Barn House

Project Name: Barn House
Category: single-family rural housing/storage
Location: Sisga, Cundinamarca (Colombia)
Client: private
Design: Antonio Yemail and Michel Pineda
Construction: Informal Office, Carlos Picón (master builder), Benjamín González (metal structures)
Area: 240 m²
Investment: $600.000 / m²
Year: 2007- 2008

Promoting interaction
We aim at combining urban infrastructure related to comfort and connectivity with the practical
aspect of rural life. In our hybrid scheme both scenarios blend together in spaces properly equipped
(with adaptable usages, thermic and closure conditions, etc).

Mediation process
The building program that combined housing and offices responded to a cooperation principle that
promoted a more active coexistence and relationship amongst its owners, their children and the
administrator’s family, and of the latter with daily life labors.

Small ecological actions
The constructive system was defined by materials and technological categories related to
environmental efficiency criteria and energetic performance. The building used recycled wood;
walls were built with stone of local extraction and standard dry construction systems.

Activating the available energy
The recent tree felling of a nearby forest made bark planks available and the skillful carpentry of
local workers led to complementary construction of a small house for the administrators with
potential for future extensions given the roofs’ height.

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