Architects: Oficina Informal, Manuel Villa Arquitectos
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Built up area: 850 m2
Year:2011 - 2012
Photography: Santiago Pinyol
Design: Antonio Yemail, Manuel Villa
Construction : Metrica proyectos
Graphic design : Taller estándar
Collaborators: Juan pablo gaitan, Janeth Henao

The project takes up the 42th floor of one of the most emblematic towers downtown Bogotá, with a
bar program. It incorporates existent infrastructure as water tanks, electricity pylons, elevators and
tubes that transform themselves into atmosphere components. The project develops different areas
and environments that are distributed in small rooms; it recovers an unexpected space through the
terrace activity, where we built two lateral glass volumes, with stairs and an enclosed balcony over
the city sight.

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